What DigiGenius does.

We walk you through all the steps it takes to form your website from; deciding what type of website you want to have, what type of content you want to have, and what functions you want your visitor to be able to perform, these are all key factors that most don’t tend to think about before starting their website.

You get 24/7 support from the exact person who designed your site, you get to speak with them about your business, what you envision it as, and how you want to be perceived.

Perks of hiring a Web Developer

SEO Optimization

It's not just the design of your site that matters. But for Google and other search engines it's about the content within your website that will improve your business visibility.

24/7 Support

Gain access to personalized support from the designer/developer who created your website.

Contact/Query Forms

Allow your potential customers and clients to send in questions and leave contact information to reach them at.

Setup/Deployment of Domain and Hosting

Receive help if you want in setting up and deploying your domain and hosting service. We will help even if you choose to host with a company of your choice or already own a domain.

Weekly Health Check Ups

Weekly health checkups to ensure your website is up to date as well as maintaining optimal user experience. If we see an area for improvement, we will make the changes at no extra cost.

100% Ownership

At any time should you want to take control of your site or swap to a different provider just give us a call and we can start the cancellation process and have you ready to leave within 24 hours.

Our Pricing Plans

up to


Delivered in 5 Business days or less

For Start-ups and Individuals

up to


Delivered in 1 week or less

Small Business Websites looking for growth

up to


Delivered in 2 Weeks or Less

Custom Websites


It starts with you

Contact us and let us know what you're looking for, don't be worried though if you don't know we we would love to hear about your business and and form the most cost effective and reliable solution for you.


Receive a free mockup

After sending us a message or our consultation within a day you will receive a mockup of the home page for your website giving you an idea of what you can look forward too without commitment or payment.


You Choose

Now its your turn to decide if you would like to have your website build by our DigiGenius or with someone else, however we will not provide the mockup should you decide to choose another provider.

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